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Dmitry A. Medvedev

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you at the first Moscow Financial Forum, which, by the decision of the Government, will be held annually in the capital of this country from now on.

This is a new forum for professional dialog that will bring the theory and practice of making financial decisions together at international, federal and regional levels. The format of the event is specifically designed to address the issues of fiscal policy, recent trends in the bond market, strategy for the development of the national pension system, information technology in the banking sector, and other topical issues. These issues are of major concern to not only Russia, but other countries as well, which is why discussions will involve both local and international experts, officials, and representatives of the business and scientific communities.

I wish you every success in your efforts and hope that you will come up with specific ideas that will be put into practice. And I wish our foreign guests an outstanding experience in Moscow.

A. G. Siluanov

Chairman, Moscow Financial Forum
Organizing Committee,
Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

S. S. Sobyanin

Mayor of Moscow

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The last few years have tested the viability of the Russian economy. It may now be said to have adapted fully to the new conditions and we are entering a new stage focusing on structural reforms to speed up growth and ensure the long-term sustainability of the national economy.

In order to unite the efforts of the government system, business and the expert community in achieving this, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has initiated holding an annual Moscow Finance Forum, co-organized by the Moscow City Government. 

The first Forum, to be held on September 23, 2016 at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, will be devoted to “The Financial Strategy of Russia: Heading for Growth”.

Moscow was chosen as the Forum venue because the capital city is the biggest financial centre in both the country and the whole of Eastern Europe and, of particular interest to the Forum participants, has experience of ensuring financial stability and promoting economic growth by fiscal policy methods.

The Forum will bring together federal and regional government officials, representatives of relevant state structures, heads of Russia’s biggest companies, leading economists and experts, as well as public and political figures.

The Forum will discuss the state of the debt market, budget and fiscal policy, the pension system development strategy, prospects for development of financial control, information technologies in the finance sphere and other vital issues.

We hope that the Moscow Financial Forum will provide a platform for discussing the most urgent problems and elaborating effective joint solutions affecting Russia’s financial policy. 

Looking forward to our meeting!


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